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The 12 Best Wine Accounts on Instagram

The best wine accounts on Instagram aren’t just brand accounts. They include influencers, critics, sommeliers, and more. We're highlighting our favorites.

People love wine and they love posting about wine. The “wine” hashtag alone on Instagram has amassed 71.4 million posts, with other wine-related hashtags also in the millions. Appreciation for the beverage goes beyond simple consumption; wine lovers revel in the experiences wine offers, from culinary adventures to vineyard visits and more. Wine brands, sommeliers, and influencers lead the conversation on Instagram surrounding the beverage. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most influential wine Instagram accounts.

Why Instagram?

With the incredible popularity of TikTok, many brands are beginning to focus their marketing efforts on the video-based social media platform. However, while TikTok does look promising for many brands looking to expand their social media marketing strategies, it’s not quite so welcoming to alcohol brands. According to the TikTok content policy, branded alcohol content is strictly prohibited, meaning influencer marketing and advertising is off the table. Likewise, many alcohol brands are struggling to receive verification on the platform, thus hitting a solid wall in audience growth.

Though Instagram has certain restrictions in place regarding alcohol content, its rules are much more relaxed. Alcohol brands can be verified on Instagram, advertise, and partner with influencers to promote their brand. TikTok may have grown exponentially during the pandemic to become one of the more heavy-hitting social media platforms, but Instagram is still going strong with 1.44 billion active users daily and remains one of the more lucrative social media platforms for marketers.

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12 Best Wine Accounts on Instagram

The best wine accounts on Instagram aren’t just brand accounts. They include influencers, critics, sommeliers, and more. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite wine Instagram accounts below. Check out each page and take note of what each one does well.

1. James Suckling

The James Suckling - Wine Ratings Instagram account is run by wine critic James Suckling and his team of editors. The team takes followers along on visits to vineyards across the world, highlighting wine-making history and niche wines with journalistic precision. Brands would do well to be featured on Suckling’s Instagram page with 315K followers–as well as earn a spot in his monthly wine-tasting report.

2. Cha_Squared

Imbibing and vibing–that’s Cha McCoy’s motto. Her Instagram page cha_squared celebrates food, wine, travel, and Black voices in the wine industry. The nearly 19k followers of Cha’s page get a front row seat to her travels as well as the grand opening of her wine bar, The Communion.   

3. Wine Enthusiast

The Wine Enthusiast Instagram page is all about education and community. They frequently share food and wine pairings, wine history tidbits, recommended wine shops, and more. With 520K followers, it certainly seems like they’ve built themselves an ample following.

4. Wine Advocate

The Robert Parker Wine Advocate Instagram page is one for true wine aficionados. The Wine Advocate was originally a subscriber-only print publication until 2002 when the Robert Parker website was established. Now, the publication has a robust Instagram page with 268k followers who tune in for the weekly reviews of wine from all over the world.

5. Eric Asimov

For the intellectually-inclined wine enthusiasts, Eric Asimov’s Instagram page has what you’re looking for. A career writer for the New York Times, Asimov shares his articles about wine as well as snapshots of his daily life as a true wine lover. Asimov’s feed is quite cohesive with a mix of real-life shots and screencaps of his most recent articles. He has generated quite the following with almost 45K followers.

6. [ yellow tail ]

We’ve talked about the [yellow tail] Instagram feed before, but we couldn’t let this post go by without including them as well. [yellow tail] masters the art of branding in their feed artfully and delicately. The bright, high-quality photos are eye-catching and represent their brand beautifully. 15K followers enjoy the laid-back, fun-loving brand.

7. McBride Sisters

The McBride Sisters have cultivated a strong community and a massive following of 150K people on their Instagram page. The sister duo founded their wine company in 2005 and have since grown it into the largest black-owned wine company in the U.S. Since then, they’ve celebrated their success by building an inclusive social media community that discusses food, culture, travel, and more. 

8. FitVine Wine

As their name suggests, FitVine Wine is all about fitness and they’ve built an Instagram page around this purpose. The FitVine Wine Instagram page is lighthearted and fun, with plenty of branded content promoting their love for an active lifestyle. 67.3K people love what they’re doing on Instagram.

9. Rombauer Vineyards

Beautifully branded photos dominate the Rombauer Vineyards Instagram page. Snapshots of mouth-watering food pairings, product announcements, event schedules, and more are featured on their gorgeous page. So far, they’ve accumulated 23.5K fans of their brand. 

10. KJ Wines

The KJ Wines Instagram page features stunning shots of their award-winning wines. Their page evokes the sensation of peaceful sunset evenings enjoying a glass of crisp Chardonnay. They include plenty of delicious-looking charcuterie board shots, showing that they really know their audience of 20.2K followers.

11. La Crema Winery

La Crema Winery’s Instagram bio reads, “Live Extravagantly ~ Drink Responsibly.” Their Instagram page absolutely evokes feelings of extravagance, elegance, and sophistication. We love that each shot features a bottle or two of their delicious wine. Just looking at their page makes you feel like you’re on vacation. 

12. Bota Box

Bota Box has made wine an accessible, everyday experience by creating a sustainable boxed wine brand. The Bota Box Instagram page showcases casual, laid-back moments in which to enjoy their wine and promotes a lighthearted mood in every post. They’ve amassed a following of 10.7K lovers of boxed wine.

Hit That Follow Button

Wine has been around for millennia and has generated a strong following, so it’s no wonder these wine accounts do so well on Instagram. If you’re looking to start an account for your wine brand or are looking for a wine influencer to partner with, this list is a great way to find leads and inspiration.

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