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10 Best Wine Marketing Companies in the U.S.

A marketing agency can help grow your wine business. We share what to look for in a wine marketing agency along with 10 agencies you should consider.

Working with a marketing agency can bring mighty benefits to your wine business. Whether you have an in-house marketing team or not, partnering with a dedicated agency can expand your reach and boost marketing results. In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of wine marketing, what to look for when choosing a wine marketing agency, and list a few agencies we think set the bar high.

Types of Wine Marketing

People love wine, no matter who they are, and that’s great news when it comes to marketing a wine brand. You can reach virtually any audience as long as you use the right marketing strategy for your target customer. A good wine marketing agency will know exactly how to define your target audience for you and develop a strategy that’s most effective for promoting your wine brand.

Here are some common strategies a wine marketing agency might utilize.

Wine Clubs and Subscription Boxes

Wine clubs are a powerful marketing tool for wineries and vineyards. Wine clubs offer customers an annual membership in exchange for heavily discounted wine, merchandise, exclusive events, and more. A wine marketing agency might encourage you to start your own wine club or help you get added to an independent subscription box service.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can bring in huge amounts of traffic–if done correctly. A wine marketing agency can help you determine the best platform to reach your target audience and develop a strong content strategy that will generate likes, comments, and shares.

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Event Sponsorships

Hosting and sponsoring events is another popular marketing strategy for wineries. A wine marketing agency might help you organize a trivia night or other event in your tasting room, or reach out to remote-first companies to see if your brand can host a virtual happy hour for them.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Wine Marketing Agency

When looking for a marketing agency to partner with, you’ll want to do a bit of research to find the perfect match. Here are a few crucial details to look into when searching for a wine marketing agency.

Reviews and Referrals

Any business with a high number of five-star reviews is well worth its salt, and a marketing agency is no exception. If you’ve got an agency in mind, check out their Google and Facebook reviews (if they have them). Take note of any brands that have referred or promoted them. If the agency was referred to you by someone you know and trust, even better.

This is not to say that if a business lacks reviews, then it must not be very good. Accumulating reviews takes time, after all. Still, it’s a good idea to check out the testimonials from actual clients if they’re there.

Philosophy and Values

If your wine business is driven by strong ideals, you might want to consider looking for a marketing agency with similar values. Why? Because marketing agencies typically end up working closely with members of your team. You’ll want to make sure the two groups mesh together so they can produce results you’re proud of.

Portfolio and Case Studies

You should absolutely review an agency’s portfolio and case studies to see the caliber of work they provide. Even if the work is well executed, you might not like their style of doing things. It’s always worth a conversation with the marketing agency to see if they can execute your vision.

10 Best Wine Marketing Companies in the U.S.

Here are ten wine marketing companies that stood out with stellar results and strong websites. You’ll surely find an agency from this list that will help your brand grow exponentially.

1. Makers & Allies

Makers & Allies is an award-winning design and branding studio dedicated to the wine and craft spirits industry. This California-based marketing agency focuses on digital marketing efforts as well as branding and packaging design. Makers & Allies place a heavy emphasis on culture and craftsmanship, so you can be assured your brand is in good hands.

2. The Brand Guild

The Brand Guild is a highly professional digital marketing agency with a talent for bringing brands into the public eye. Taking a holistic approach to brand storytelling, The Brand Guild can help your company reach new audiences that quickly become lifelong fans. For a highly talented and experienced marketing agency for your wine brand, look no further.

3. Vin Agency

Located in Portland, Oregon, Vin Agency is comprised of storytellers who are passionate about fine wine. With a beautiful website and an impressive list of previous clients, Vin’s capabilities are immediately apparent. If you’re looking for stunning web design and expert communication strategy, Vin has you covered.

4. Highway 29 Creative

The Highway 29’s goal is to help your wine company become an iconic and enduring brand. This Minneapolis-based innovative wine marketing agency draws inspiration from other successful brands, not just wineries, to create a proven marketing strategy for your brand. Highway 29 focuses on content creation, branding and packaging design, and more.

5. The Brandsmen

The Brandsmen, a marketing agency located in Denver, CO, can help build your wine brand from the ground up. This digital marketing agency can design everything from wine labels to a beautiful website for your winery. The Brandsmen can also help manage your social media marketing, SEO strategy, and more. Best of all, they will work on your brand as if it were their best friend’s business.

6. Benson Marketing Group

The Benson Marketing Group offers customized marketing expertise for the wine and spirits industry. Located in New York City, Benson provides digital marketing and advertising services, branding, and partnerships with both media and influencers. Benson Marketing Group is an all-around powerhouse marketing agency.

7. Offset Partners

This California-based marketing agency provides brand design and technology solutions for wineries. Offset not only designs beautiful websites, but they also developed a corresponding commerce platform that helps maintain the integrity of your brand throughout the customer journey. Offset recognizes that wine is about so much more than commerce and seeks to learn all they can about each client they work with.

8. Vinbound Marketing

Vinbound is a digital marketing agency located in Oregon that provides a wide range of marketing services for wine businesses. Vinbound can design a beautiful website for your wine business and optimize content to generate more traffic, as well as capture beautiful aerial images of your winery or beauty shotsclose-ups of your products.

9. Calhoun Wine

Serving the fine wine and premium spirits industry, this San Francisco-based wine marketing agency provides full-service marketing strategies for its clients. Calhoun Wine covers media relations, brand communications, event marketing, and social media strategy.

10. NextGen Wine Marketing

Located in Napa Valley, this award-winning digital wine marketing agency is perfectly positioned to help bring your brand into the future. NextGen covers everything from web design to search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. With extensive experience working with wine brands of all sizes, you’re sure to be pleased with their work.

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Team Up With a Wine Marketing Agency

If you’re ready to take your wine brand to the next level, why not team up with an agency that knows how to market for your industry? Finding that perfect fit may take time, but once you find a marketing company that genuinely gets you, your brand will harvest great benefits.

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