Better understand consumer demand with product locator analytics

Monitor consumer demand and discover market opportunities with the Grappos SearchTracker

Actionable store locator analytics

The Grappos SearchTracker offers the robust product locator analytics you need to grow your business

Identify gaps

Spot opportunities with the Gap Report: identify markets where search volume is high, but there are no nearby retailers.

Granular views

Drill down into the details with exportable custom reports or view top-level trends on the intuitive dashboard.

Real-time insights

Monitor searches in real-time to capture in-the-moment insights and capitalize on emerging trends.

Intuitive interface

Make it simple for your teams to get the insights they need to track and inform their sales and marketing initiatives.

Discover hidden trends in customer search data

Robust product locator analytics for data-driven decision making

Make data-informed marketing and sales decisions to grow your business

Spot emerging trends

Easily access top-line data to uncover big picture trends in consumer demand. See snapshots of the locations, products, brands, and locators driving the most searches. Use the Gap Report to discover markets with minimal retail coverage but high search volume.

Arm your sales team with demand data
Inform marketing initiatives
Support sell-in of new accounts

Export search-level details

Use the SearchTracker Table View to sort, filter, and export search details by location, brand, product, locator, and date. See the distance to the nearest retailer and the number of results returned for each search. Make detailed data exports available to internal stakeholders and external partners.

Create custom data segments
Combine data with other sources
Demonstrate ROI

Support marketing efforts

Add Grappos product locators to your marketing toolkit. Get customized product locators that align with specific marketing campaigns. Monitor campaign response with separate tracking and reporting for each initiative.

Track interactions in real time
Map target response
Drive product demand

Rates start at only

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