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Ryan Wycoff
Marketing Manager, 3 Badge Beverage Corp.

"Grappos’ retail locator is a great asset for 3 Badge Mixology. It’s simple to use and lets consumers quickly find our spirits across the United States. Grappos customer service is excellent and it was easy to customize the look of the interface so it matches our brand flawlessly."

Emma Swain
CEO, St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery

"The Grappos wine locator tool simplifies our administration while providing technology that our customers crave and expect. Finding St. Supéry wines when on the road is now easier than ever. Thank you, Grappos!"

Greg DeLeo
Marketing Director, Bespoke Collection

"Grappos’ account locator was the perfect turnkey solution to a client feature that we contemplated for months. Installing it on the Blackbird Vineyards site was a breeze and the reporting feature is a tremendous asset for our sales and marketing teams."

Carol Reber
SVP Chief Marketing Officer, Duckhorn Wine Company

"We’ve been fans and clients of Grappos for several years. The Account Locator tool fills a major void in the market by connecting wine lovers with their favorite wines wherever they may be in the US. It’s a pleasure to do business with the team at Grappos."

Jeffrey Schiller
Associate Director of Marketing, Josh Cellars

"Grappos is an essential solution for Josh Cellars, connecting our products with consumers every day. The Grappos team is focused on what’s important to our business and is always working on upgrades and improvements. The platform is great for our consumers and great for the Josh Cellars brand."

Riley Cable
Sales & Marketing Administrator, Laetitia Vineyard & Winery

"When tasting room visitors ask where they can buy our wines, I use the locator on the Laetitia website and they’re always happy when they see the names of stores in their hometown that carry our wines. I don’t know what we would do without Grappos!"

Mark Manzoni
Managing Partner, Manzoni Vineyards

"From day one, we at Manzoni Vineyards have always promoted our Retail and Restaurant accounts on our website. We want our customers from wherever they are to be able to find our wines locally, rather than pay to have them shipped. Partnering up with has made this very easy for us and our customers."

Brett Johnson
Brand Manager, Seghesio Family Vineyards

"Digital marketing has become an important strategic goal in effort to better reach our consumers all over the world. Grappos is a great tool to help us achieve these goals by simply providing the detailed information our customers need to find Seghesio wines out in the marketplace."

Sarah Pearson
Director of Marketing, Hess Family Wine Estates

"Grappos provides Hess Family Wines a turnkey solution that makes it easy for consumers to find our wines. The Grappos team has also integrated their application into our social media platforms because they know how and where consumers are finding out about and purchasing wine."

Karen Perry
Exec. VP Sales & Marketing, Wagner Family of Wine

"Grappos is an important partner to Wagner Family of Wine as we work to provide consumers visiting our website with easy-to-access information about where to purchase our wine brands, either at retailers or restaurants. Our goal is to fully support our customers, both trade and consumer -- and Grappos makes it easy to do that."


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