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17 Top Wine Competitions to Secure Your Spot in the Wine Market

Entering a wine competition has many benefits. We'll share 17 top wine competitions that could propel your wine brand to all-new heights.

The wine industry is well-established and highly saturated with a wide variety of product offerings. Getting your wine brand to stand out in such a robust market might seem nearly impossible, but there are tried-and-true ways to bring renown to your business. Wine competitions have been a staple of the industry for decades, often helping winning wine brands achieve worldwide recognition and success virtually overnight. In this guide, we’ll highlight the benefits of entering your products in a wine competition and share some of the most reputable competitions around the world that could propel your wine brand to all-new heights.

What is a Wine Competition?

A wine competition is an event where wines are judged based on various criteria to determine their quality and to award highly coveted medals and other distinctions. These competitions are organized to provide an impartial and professional assessment of wines from different regions and producers. The judging process typically involves panels of experienced wine professionals, including sommeliers, winemakers, and wine educators.

During a wine competition, wines are typically tasted blind, meaning that judges do not know the identity of the wines they’re evaluating. This helps ensure a fair and unbiased assessment based solely on the wine's characteristics such as aroma, flavor, structure, and overall quality. Judges may use a scoring system to rate the wines, and medals (such as gold, silver, and bronze) or other accolades are awarded based on the scores.

Participating in wine competitions can be beneficial for winemakers and producers as winning medals or awards can enhance the reputation of their wines and provide excellent marketing opportunities. Consumers may also use the results of wine competitions as a guide when choosing wines, as winning a medal at a reputable competition is often seen as a mark of quality.

Benefits of Entering a Wine Competition

Entering a wine competition can offer several benefits for brands looking to expand their reach and boost their marketing efforts. Here are some key advantages to entering your products in a wine competition.

Recognition and Credibility

Winning medals or awards at reputable wine competitions adds credibility and prestige to a wine brand. Recognition from such competitions can enhance the reputation of the winery and its wines among consumers, distributors, and retailers alike.

Marketing Opportunities

Award-winning wines provide excellent marketing material. Wineries can use the medals and accolades to promote their products in marketing campaigns, on labels, and on their websites. Positive reviews and awards can also attract the attention of journalists and bloggers, leading to increased media coverage.

Differentiation in the Market

In a crowded and competitive wine market, winning awards can help a wine stand out from the competition. Consumers may be more inclined to try a wine that has been recognized for its quality by industry experts.

Sales Boost

Award-winning wines often experience increased sales. Consumers are more likely to purchase wines that have received positive evaluations from judges and experts. Distributors and retailers may be more willing to carry and promote wines that have won awards.

Feedback and Improvement

Participating in wine competitions provides valuable feedback from experienced judges. This feedback can help winemakers understand the strengths and weaknesses of their wines. This constructive criticism allows producers to make improvements in subsequent vintages or expand on the more positive aspects of their wines.

Networking Opportunities

Wine competitions often bring together professionals from the industry, including winemakers, distributors, and retailers. Participating provides opportunities for networking and building relationships within the wine community.

Global Brand Awareness

Many international wine competitions attract attention on a global scale. Winning awards in such competitions can give a winery or wine brand exposure to a wider audience, opening the doors for potential export opportunities.

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Consumer Confidence

Awards from reputable competitions often instill confidence in consumers. Knowing that a wine has been recognized by experts can strongly influence purchasing decisions.

How to Enter a Wine Competition

Entering a wine competition involves several steps, and the specific process may vary depending on the competition. The process for entering a wine competition generally follows the steps below.

Research Competitions

Identify the wine competitions that align with your winery's goals and target audience. Consider factors such as the reputation of the competition, the types of wines they accept, and their judging criteria. Some competitions, for example, seek to highlight wines from specific regions, while others might want to highlight wines made by female winemakers.

Review Entry Requirements

Visit the official website of the chosen competition to review entry requirements, guidelines, and deadlines. Many wine competitions require participants to register and create an account on their website. Follow the registration process, providing accurate information about your winery and the wines you plan to enter. 

Pay attention to eligibility criteria, entry fees, and specific instructions for submitting samples. Failure to read and understand the requirements could prevent your wine from being entered into the competition.

Prepare Wine Samples

Ensure that your wines are properly prepared for submission. This may involve bottling specific quantities, labeling bottles according to competition guidelines, and ensuring that the wines are stored and transported under the recommended conditions.

Fill out the required entry forms for each wine you are submitting. Provide information such as the wine's varietal, vintage, alcohol content, and any other details specified by the competition.

Submit Entry Fees

Most wine competitions have entry fees, which cover the costs of organizing the event, securing judges, and providing feedback. Pay the required entry fees through the competition's online platform or as instructed.

Send Samples

Ship the wine samples to the designated location by the specified deadline. Follow the shipping instructions provided by the competition, including packaging requirements and any necessary documentation, especially when shipping across states or countries.

Track Submissions

Keep track of your submissions by documenting the wines you entered, their corresponding entry numbers, and any tracking information for the shipped samples.

Wait for Results

After the judging process is complete, wait for the competition organizers to announce the results. This may take some time, depending on the size and complexity of the competition.

Promote Awards

If your wines receive awards or medals, use this recognition in your marketing efforts. Update your website, labels, and promotional materials to showcase the accolades and share them on your social media pages.

The Top 17 Wine Competitions in the World

Though there are many wine competitions around the world, only a few stand out for their prestigious awards and strict judging processes. Here are some of the most distinctive wine competitions in the U.S. and abroad that you should consider entering.

U.S. Wine Competitions

The United States hosts several prestigious wine competitions that attract submissions from wineries across the country and around the world. Here are some of the biggest and well-known wine competitions in the U.S.

1. San Francisco International Wine Competition (SFIWC)

One of the oldest and largest wine competitions globally, the SFIWC takes place annually in San Francisco. It attracts thousands of entries and features a panel of experienced judges evaluating wines from various regions. An SFIWC medal is a universal symbol of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, highly valued by both international and boutique wineries across the world.

2. Los Angeles International Wine Competition (LAWineComp)

Organized by the Los Angeles County Fair, this competition is held annually and is one of the oldest in the U.S. It covers a wide range of wine categories, and winning wines are showcased at the widely popular LA County Fair.

3. Wine Enthusiast's Wine Star Awards

While not a traditional wine competition, Wine Enthusiast's Wine Star Awards recognize outstanding achievements in the wine industry. Awards are given in various categories, including Winemaker of the Year and Wine of the Year. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and get positive press for your wine.

4. Finger Lakes International Wine Competition (FLIWC)

This competition, held in upstate New York, focuses on both vinifera and hybrid grape varieties. It attracts entries from around the world and provides a platform for wineries to showcase their diverse offerings. The FLIWC has a large panel of judges who blind taste each wine and award best-in-class wines in a variety of categories.

5. Sunset International Wine Competition

Organized by Sunset magazine, this competition evaluates wines from the Western United States and international regions. It includes a diverse panel of judges and covers a wide range of wine styles that are aimed toward the Western wine drinker. If you want to break into the Western market, this could be an ideal competition to enter.

6. TEXSOM International Wine Awards

Associated with the TEXSOM conference, one of the most significant gatherings of wine professionals in the U.S., this competition focuses on wines from around the world. It involves a rigorous judging process with a panel of Master Sommeliers and other industry experts. Once medals are awarded, sommeliers taste the wines and create professional narratives that are then featured on the TEXSOM website and in the publication, Sommelier. 

7. Critics Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition

Held annually in San Diego, this competition features a panel of wine critics and judges who evaluate a broad range of wines and spirits. It provides an opportunity for producers to receive feedback from knowledgeable experts and the potential for robust publicity for your winning wines.

8. International Women's Wine Competition

This competition, held in Sonoma County, focuses on wines produced by female winemakers. It provides a platform to celebrate and recognize the contributions of women in the wine industry.

International Wine Competitions

Several international wine competitions attract entries from wineries worldwide, providing a platform for producers to showcase their wines on a global scale. Here are some of the biggest and most renowned international wine competitions in the world.

9. Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA)

Organized by Decanter magazine, this competition is one of the largest and most influential in the world. It involves a prestigious panel of judges and covers a wide range of wine styles and regions.

10. International Wine Challenge (IWC)

The IWC is another major global competition that attracts entries from various countries. It is known for its rigorous judging process, and winning wines receive medals and trophies across different categories. The IWC is an excellent way to benchmark your brand against other international competitors and potentially shine.

11. Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Held annually, this competition travels to different wine-producing regions each year. It features an international panel of judges and aims to highlight wines of high quality from around the world. Brands receive generous benefits from this competition, including marketing and communication resources and a detailed profile of their wines.

12. Sydney International Wine Competition

This Australian-based competition focuses on wines that are ideal for the dining table. It emphasizes the compatibility of wines with food and involves a judging panel that includes winemakers, sommeliers, and other industry professionals.

13. Challenge International du Vin

Established in Bordeaux, France, this competition is one of the oldest in the world. It evaluates wines from various countries and regions, providing recognition for outstanding entries. This wine competition welcomes a wide variety of entries regardless of vintage. The judges aim to reflect consumer tastes in the winning wines they select.

14. Mundus Vini

Organized by the Meininger Verlag publishing house in Germany, Mundus Vini is a well-respected international competition that brings together a diverse panel of judges. It aims to promote the quality and diversity of wines worldwide. Tasting results and winners are shared in the various Mundus Vini publications as well as on the website itself.

15. Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (HKIWSC)

This competition is unique in that it has a significant focus on wines and spirits that are suitable for the Asian market. It attracts entries from around the world and aims to identify products that resonate with Asian consumers. If you wish to break into this booming market, this is the best competition to enter.

16. Sommelier’s Choice Awards

This competition, based in the United Kingdom, is judged by a panel of sommeliers, wine buyers, and industry experts. It focuses on wines that are suitable for the on-trade sector, specifically wines that should be added to restaurant wine lists. If you want your wines to be offered in prestigious restaurants around the world, this is the competition to enter.

17. Berlin Wine Trophy

Held in Germany, the Berlin Wine Trophy is one of the largest wine competitions in the world. It attracts a diverse range of entries and awards medals based on a stringent set of criteria. Once the tasting is complete, medal winners are allowed to order stickers to place on their bottles or secure printing rights for the medal for future bottles.

From Vine to Victory 

Receiving any sort of accolade or award from these renowned wine competitions can bring brand awareness, boost sales, and bolster your company’s reputation beyond your wildest expectations. Best of all, these wine competitions come around every year, which means there are endless opportunities to shine. 

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