The Very Latest

October 2020

This update includes several new features that improve user experience and expand locator customization options.

Mapbox maps and the ability to search by city name have been automatically enabled in all locators. The other new features can be enabled using the new configuration settings described here. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Search by City Name or ZIP Code

Users can now search using their geolocation, ZIP code, or city name. The autocomplete dropdown makes searching faster and ensures location name accuracy.

Customize Map Styling With Mapbox Maps

Use Mapbox studio to develop a custom map style.

Display The Product List on the Initial Screen

You can now display the product list on the initial screen. Users are still required to enter a search location before selecting a product. On mobile, the product list will replace the background image.

Control Background Image Tint

You can now control the color and opacity of the tint applied to the background image.

Control the Background Color of Input Fields

You can now set the background color for the user location field and the product search bar to better coordinate with the backgroundColor and resultBackgroundColor.

Activate Automatic User Location Detection

You can now configure the locator to automatically request permission to access the user’s location. Users can still click the “use my location” target icon if this feature is disabled. Google Chrome requires websites to have valid SSL certificates for this feature to work.

Add A 'Buy Online' Button

When a user searches for a product in an area where it’s not available, you can now display a button with additional purchase options like “Buy Online.” The name of the button and the URL are customizable. This can be used with or without the “Notify Me” button. Learn more here.

Enable Persistent 'Order Delivery' buttons

The Order Delivery buttons are now persistent on the desktop version of the locator. Mobile users will only see the buttons on the initial screen given the limited space available.