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How to Make a Memorable About Us Page That Converts

It’s a myth that About pages are arbitrary web pages that no one reads. We'll share how to create an epic About Us page and look at some great examples.

A strong brand website can convert leads and make sales even while your team is offline. A memorable About page is an integral part of that as it tells your brand’s story, establishes connections with potential customers, and more. In this guide, we’ll explain just how important an About page is and how to create one that represents your brand and converts customers.

What is an About Page?

The About page, also referred to as an About Us page, shares the story of your brand. A typical About page describes various aspects of your business, such as how it got started, your team, what your brand values are, and what makes your company unique from the competition. 

The content and format of an About page can vary depending on the industry and type of business, but its purpose is to provide a window into the organization and give visitors a better understanding of what the business stands for and what it has to offer.

Why About Pages Are a Great Marketing Opportunity

It’s a myth that About pages are arbitrary web pages that no one actually reads. Consumers are more conscious and intentional than ever about where they choose to shop, which means they really want to get to know a company before making a purchase. Being upfront and transparent about who you are as a business can go a long way in building trust with potential customers.

About pages are extremely beneficial for e-commerce businesses that don’t have a physical location where customers can interact with them in person. About pages provide an opportunity for businesses to share their stories and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Additionally, About pages can increase engagement on the website by providing interesting and informative content for potential customers to read. The more content customers have to engage with, the longer they’ll remain on the website and the more likely they are to make a purchase.

What to Include on Your About Us Page

So what should you include on your company’s About page? The answer, of course, depends on your brand and company history, though most About pages follow a specific format.

Mission Statement or Value Proposition

Before getting into what you do or what you sell as a company, explain why you do what you do. Is your company passionate about community and friendship? What about a commitment to quality? Talk about your mission and values to provide context for the rest of the information on your About page.

Tell Your Brand Story

Stay high-level or go in-depth with your brand story, your choice–just be sure to include relevant information that highlights what makes your brand unique. You can do this in a narrative format, through images or video, or with a visual timeline. 

Showcase Your Team

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a multinational business, don’t be afraid to include names and faces on your About page. A great way to help establish a personal connection with customers is to highlight the members of your team that help make your company great. If you can, include a short blurb about who they are, what their favorite part about working with the company is, and more.

Share Awards and Credentials

Awards, certifications, and other recognition reinforce the story you tell about your brand. So if your brand has won awards or received accolades for your goods or services, the About page is the perfect place to show them off!

How to Write an Epic About Page

You can include plenty of basic facts about your business, but it takes more than that to wow potential customers. When you want to create an About Us page that converts customers, here are the features to consider.

Sell Your Company, Not Your Products

It seems counterintuitive, but you don’t want to pitch your products on your About page. If customers have reached your website and navigated to the About page, they likely already know what your product is. Now they want to know about your company and whether or not they should buy from you. 

Be Personal and Personable

With the rise in AI technology, there are tons of bots consumers interact with on a daily basis. Give potential customers a breath of fresh air by making your About page personal and personable. In short, don’t sound like a bot on your About page. 

Include Visuals

Talking about your brand is one thing–show it off! Include photos of your founders, headquarters, or your team so potential customers can get to know more about the company. A short video can also go a long way in making connections and boosting conversions.

Link to the About Page in Your Main Navigation

Don’t make customers go searching for your company history. Showcase it proudly in your site’s main navigation for customers’ convenience and to increase traffic to the About page.

5 Fantastic About Page Examples

Need some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite About pages to reference as you decide how to tell your brand’s story.

1. Betty Buzz

Beverage company Betty Buzz knows how to write a winning About page. We like that it’s short and sweet but still packed with personality. Looking at this page, we get a sense of the Betty Buzz brand voice right away and learn about its famous founder. Because her reputation and career precede her, there’s no need for a long-winded story on the Betty Buzz About page. 


California winemakers DAOU take a narrative approach on their About page, telling the story of how the company and vineyard came to be. Daou uses beautiful, high-quality visuals to illustrate its rich history in the winemaking industry. Central to the story are brothers Georges and Daniel Daou, founders and proprietors of the illustrious vineyard.

3. The Macallan

The Macallan has a great “above the fold” design on their About page that showcases the gorgeous acreage of the estate it calls home. The Macallan About page dives into the rich history of the distillery and showcases their commitment to both tradition and quality.

4. Murphy-Goode

Murphy-Goode is a wine company built on the power of friendship. They honor this passion on their About page with the story of the brand’s creation, paying homage to the trio of friends who founded the fun-loving brand.

5. Free Spirits

Non-alcoholic spirit company Free Spirits showcase their strong and humorous brand voice on their About page. They share the inspiration behind Free Spirits and speak to the non-alcoholic beverage movement that they’ve become a part of.

A Brand to Remember

Make your brand unforgettable with an About page that stands out. In today's conscious consumer landscape, customers are looking for businesses that align with their values, and the About page is the perfect place to highlight your brand's values and mission. 

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