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10 Best Winery POS Systems

Discover what makes a great winery POS system, and we'll highlight some of the top wine POS systems available right now.

Wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms are powerful ways for wine businesses to connect with their customers and build brand loyalty. A dedicated wine POS system is a must-have tool to create unforgettable experiences within your tasting room. Wine POS systems can streamline and unify sales across channels, cultivate better customer interactions, manage inventory, and so much more. In this guide, we’ll share what makes a great winery POS system and highlight some of the top wine POS systems available right now so you can find the best one for your wine business.

What is a Winery POS System?

A point-of-sale (POS) system allows businesses to accept payments from customers for in-store purchases. A winery POS system is a specialized software solution designed to meet the unique needs of wineries and vineyards, it is part of a combination of tools and technologies that assist wineries in managing various aspects of their business, primarily the sale of wine and related products to customers. 

Why Do Wineries Need a Specific POS System?

A winery POS system is tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of the wine industry, offering features and capabilities that ensure efficient operations, regulatory compliance, and a superior customer experience. It simplifies wine sales, inventory management, and customer engagement in ways that generic POS systems simply can't match.

What to Look for When Choosing A Winery POS System

A great winery POS system does more than just process payments. Keep an eye out for these key features when choosing a POS system for your winery.

Inventory Management

As a winery, you likely have a range of products, including different wines, vintages, and merchandise. A good winery POS system helps in managing and tracking inventory, ensuring that you know what's in stock, what needs to be replenished, and when to order more supplies.

Wine Club Management

Many wineries have discovered the benefit of having a wine club where customers sign up for regular shipments of wine. Good winery POS systems often include tools to manage these wine club subscriptions, processing recurring payments and shipments as well as making it easy to sign up new members in person.

Compliance and Reporting

Wineries need to comply with various state and federal regulations related to the sale of alcoholic beverages. Winery POS systems can generate reports and help with compliance by tracking sales, taxes, and shipping regulations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A good winery POS system allows wineries to gather and maintain customer information, helping in building relationships, offering promotions, and providing personalized service. 

Integration with E-Commerce

In addition to in-person sales, many wineries also sell their products online. A good winery POS system should integrate with e-commerce platforms to manage online sales and inventory as well as in-person sales.

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Reporting and Analytics

Wineries can use the data gathered by the POS system to analyze sales trends, customer behavior, and other business insights, crucial for making informed business and marketing decisions.

Mobile POS

Good winery POS systems have mobile apps that connect to the main database to make it easier to process sales outdoors or on the go, like when giving vineyard tours, at events, and more.

Top 10 Wine POS Systems

Here are some of the best winery POS systems that suit a wide variety of needs. 

1. Commerce7

Best all-in-one POS system for wineries

Best features:

  • Support for clubs & subscriptions
  • Incorporated CRM
  • Cloud-based
  • EMV hardware included

Commerce7 is one of the greatest tools for modern wineries. The POS system was specifically built to support the wine industry and combines seamlessly with the incorporated CRM, allowing you to easily reference customer records and provide personalized experiences across all your sales platforms and locations. Inventory management is a breeze with Commerce7, and you can access the platform anywhere with its cloud-based connectivity. Additionally, Commerce7 integrates into your existing winery website so you can process sales online as effortlessly as in person.

2. WineDirect

Best winery POS system for multi-channel sales

Best features:

  • Offline sales capabilities
  • Integrated e-commerce website
  • Incorporated fulfillment services
  • EMV hardware included

WineDirect is all about helping direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine brands grow. Their winery POS system supports lightning-fast payment processing and easy wine club signups, allowing your team to focus on providing great service. WineDirect does not have a per-user fee and has a very simple onboarding process for new or seasonal hires. The POS system connects seamlessly to the integrated online store, wine club, and fulfillment services, making it incredibly easy to manage your inventory across all your sales channels.

3. Corksy

Best POS system for wineries with wine clubs

Best features:

  • Offline sales capabilities
  • EMV hardware included
  • Advanced inventory management

Corksy helps unite back-of-house and front-of-house operations, spanning sales, inventory management, customer relations, and wine club administration. Corksy can easily integrate with your CRM, reservation management, and wine club tools to enrich in-person interactions, providing insights, club notes, and alerts accessible from any device and location. The interface is extremely clean and user-friendly for both employees and customers. Corksy also offers a website builder with online store capabilities, software that helps you manage your wine club subscriptions, and marketing automation tools to boost wine sales across multiple channels.

4. Square

Best POS system for small wineries

Best features:

  • Inventory management
  • Incorporated loyalty program
  • Email and text message marketing capabilities

Square is one of the most versatile and affordable POS systems available. This powerful system can help you manage inventory and create robust sales reports, travels easily, and is incredibly easy to set up. For small businesses, Square is very affordable and even offers a free plan while you’re just getting started. With Square, you can quickly set up a loyalty program for in-store customers and create email marketing campaigns so you can stay connected even after a sale is made.

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5. Active8

Best POS system for busy wineries

Best features:

  • Streamlined user interface
  • No licensing fees
  • Single product database

The Active8 POS system has a clean, streamlined user interface that’s perfect for busy wineries. It grants direct access to invaluable customer and member data, allowing you to provide incredible customer service every time. Whether you're onboarding new members or processing new orders, the process is very simple and straightforward. Active8 maintains a single product database shared between their other products, eCommerce and Clubs, which eliminates synchronization errors for a seamless experience.

6. Bevero

Best mobile winery POS system

Best features:

  • Multiple hardware solutions
  • Cloud-based
  • Incorporated CRM

Bevero is a great POS system for wineries with large outdoor tasting rooms, wineries that frequently travel for events, and more. This POS software solution offers multiple hardware solutions, both mobile and stationary as well as EMV and contactless payment terminals. Employees can easily review customer history and sign up new members on the go. This winery POS software is very intuitive and easy to learn, reducing training time and allowing staff to focus on giving great customer service.

7. Lightspeed

Best POS system for large wineries with multiple locations

Best features:

  • Open API
  • Multilocation management
  • Powerful inventory management system

For wine brands with multiple locations, Lightspeed is one of the best POS systems available. You can easily track inventory and sales across your winery locations as well as access customer data per location. Lightspeed provides a comprehensive look at your business with robust, customizable reports. The open API allows you to build customized workflows that suit your business needs and boost your team’s efficacy. Lightspeed also has a dedicated support team that provides 24/7 assistance should you have any questions about their software.

8. vinSUITE

Best tablet POS system for wineries

Best features:

  • No unnecessary features
  • Cloud-based
  • End-of-day reporting

If you want a simple winery POS solution, the vinSUITE tablet POS is the way to go. The only hardware you need for this POS system is a tablet and a credit card reader. Just download the cloud-based software and you’re ready to process orders. Need to add new wine club members? Just swipe their driver’s license and they’re added to the system. Reconciliation is easy with end-of-day sales reports that are accessible with just a few taps on the screen. vinSUITE also offers a more robust desktop POS that is an all-in-one touchscreen solution. 

9. Shopify POS

Best omnichannel POS system

Best features:

  • Omnichannel sales capabilities
  • Open integrations

Shopify is best known for e-commerce, but their POS system is an absolute underdog. Whether you have multiple stores or one tasting room, you can enjoy one back-of-house system to track inventory and sales. Wireless, handheld hardware makes it easy to take your products on the go to events or markets. With the Shopify POS system, you can sell your product online, in person, on social media and more, making this a fantastic omnichannel solution for wineries of all sizes. 

10. Toast

Best POS system for full-service wineries

Best features:

  • Cloud-based software
  • Restaurant-grade hardware
  • Open integrations

For wineries that include small bites, snacks, and appetizers in tasting rooms, Toast is one of the best POS systems available. The restaurant-grade hardware included is IP54 spill-proof rated, allowing you to keep running even if things get a little messy. The cloud-based software makes it easy to manage your inventory and daily menus no matter where you are. Toast also provides detailed analytics so you can monitor your tasting room’s performance and identify areas for improvement. This POS system can easily integrate with a wide variety of applications, which means you can also use Toast to process payments on your winery website.

Final Thoughts

Need help driving in-person sales? Incorporate a product locator on your winery website! A product locator shows where online customers can find products near them, whether that’s in your winery or in a retail location. The Grappos Product Locator is a great solution because it also aggregates customer data to show you which areas sell the best and which markets have the opportunity for more sales. Our team handles the integration of the Grappos Product Locator to your website and handles all updates so you can focus on providing amazing customer service.

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