Wordpress Product Locator

Grappos is a powerful, easy-to-use product locator for Wordpress

Grappos gives your customers an exceptional search experience while making it easy to maintain your Wordpress product or store locator. There’s no coding or technical expertise required since the Grappos team customizes your locator for you and keeps your locator up-to-date. Packed with useful features and reporting tools, Grappos is the best product locator app for Wordpress.

Why top brands choose the Grappos product locator for their Wordpress websites

Grappos is the fastest, easiest Wordpress product locator to implement, with robust locator analytics for data-driven decision making.

Exceptional user experience

Grappos has a beautiful and intuitive user interface

Search by geolocation, city, or ZIP
Search by product, brand, and store type
See the products available at each location
Explore the locator

Robust customizations

Grappos will customize your locator for you

Use as store locator or a product locator
Use custom colors, fonts, images, map styling, and more
Adjust the locator interface to meet your business needs
Get a demo

Trusted by leading brands

Grappos keeps your locator up-to-date for you

Exceptional customer support
No coding or technical expertise required
Built-in tracking & reporting
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Try the Grappos product locator on your Wordpress site

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