How it Works
Drive traffic to all of your accounts and locations with a Grappos product locator.

Features designed for the alcohol industry.

We work with producers and distributors to deliver the features and services that are most helpful.

  • SearchTracker Analytics – Find out where and how consumers are searching for your products.
  • Mobile Account Locator – Find out where all of your recent accounts are when your reps are out in the field.
  • Grappos API – Use our API to build a locator that satisfies your specific requirements and leverages the Grappos database.

Easy to install and customize.

Installing a customized product locator on your website is a simple process that only takes a few minutes.

  • Mobile-friendly – Our responsive locator works for both desktop and mobile users.
  • Customizable – Adjust the colors, font and more to seamlessly integrate with your website design.
  • Search Links – Utilize URL parameters to share searches or create custom locator configurations.

Seamless Facebook integration.

Show your fans where to buy your products when they are actively engaged with your brand.

  • Brand It – Customize the look of the locator to match your brand palette.
  • Provide Instant Customer Service – A locator on your Facebook page can quickly convert fans into customers.
  • Keep Them on Your Page – Your fans won’t have to leave your page to find out where to purchase your products.

Your data makes it work.

Grappos utilizes your retail account data or depletion reports.

  • Automated Export – If you subscribe to a service like VIP, Tradepulse, Diver, GreatVines or BDN, the monthly export process can be automated for you.
  • Flexible Schedules – Most brands provide monthly update files, but we can accommodate other schedules.
  • Flexible Formats – We accept just about any file format, even if it doesn’t exactly match our data template.

Rates Start at $2,000 Per Year.

Subscription rates are based on the amount of data processed for each client, so you're only paying for what you need. There’s no extra charge for multiple brands and volume discounts ensure that even the largest brands can afford it.