How it Works

How It Works

Step 1: Select Your Data Delivery Method

Share your retail account data or depletion reports via email, FTP or API. Click here to download our sample data template.

  • Automated Delivery – If you subscribe to a service like VIP, Tradepulse or Diver, the delivery process can be automated.
  • Flexible Schedules – Most brands provide monthly updates, but we can accommodate other schedules.
  • Data Formats – We accept just about any file format, even if it doesn’t exactly match our data template.

Step 2: Install Your Locator

Once Grappos receives your data, installation is fast and easy.

  • Get Your Unique ID – To install the Grappos Product Locator on your website you will need a Unique ID (UID) from Grappos.
  • Paste Your Code – Grappos will provide complete code, including your UID. Simply paste the code into your website. The responsive design will work for desktop and mobile users.
  • Explore Customizations – Customization options are detailed here.

Step 3: Customize Your Locator

Explore styling and content options to align with your brand.

  • Styling Options – Adjust colors, fonts, map styling and more to integrate with your site design.
  • Content Customizations – Enable user location detection, search filters, brand header rows and more.
  • Grappos API – All customers have access to the Grappos API, which allows developers to create custom product locators.

Monthly Rates Start at $300