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SearchTracker Updates: January 2021

Our all-new Grappos SearchTracker allows you to monitor searches in real time, quickly review topline stats, export custom data sets, and more.

SearchTracker | Dashboard

The new SearchTracker Dashboard makes analyzing search data even easier. Quickly view the states, cities, brands, products and locators that are driving the most searches. Filter searches by brand, product, location and date range. Easily export filtered data sets.

SearchTracker | Table View

With additional filters, the new SearchTracker Table View allows you to download detailed data sets for further analysis.

Have an idea for a new SearchTracker or product locator feature? Drop us a line!

Eric Kunisawa

Founder & CEO

Eric Kunisawa is the founder of Grappos. He's been successfully helping businesses connect customers with their products since 2008.

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